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Our Staff

Ken Gordon


Chris Gordon


Thom Gordon


About Us:

Our store was started as a branch of the original Gordons Sporting Goods store in Broomall, PA. That store was started by Emmor Gordon (pictured to left) in 1953 on Alemeda Ave in Broomall. Approx 1959 the store was moved to West Chester Pike. In 1975 Emmor retired and his two sons Bill and Ken took over the business. The birth  of the Eagle store was in 1978, starting out as a small bait and boat rental business. We were only open the spring and summer during that time. Approx 5 years later we separated the two stores as two independent operations. We have come a long way since those early years, expanding into firearms, and accessories.  We look foreward to a bright future with more products and services to come.

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