We accept of out of state FFL to FFL firearm transfers. Our fee for this service is $50.00 per firearm. All transfers MUST come from another FFL dealer only (NO EXCEPTIONS) If you are having a firearm shipped to us for transfer you MUST CONTACT US FIRST! at the email address above. All transfer related questions and requests must go through that email address. Once your firearm's tracking number shows delivered call us first to setup an appointment to complete the paperwork. We will NOT deliver the firearm if you just show up un-announced. We are not doing ANY firearm transfers on the weekends Monday-Friday only.

We also do private party (person to person) transfers as well. A face to face transfer fee is $50.00. Again as of right now we are only doing transfers from Monday-Friday, no weekends. Both parties must have valid drivers license or ID with correct address or address update card. Both buyer and seller must be present at the time of transfer and must remain at the shop until transfer is complete. Please allow a minimum of 2 hours before closing for the background check to be completed.